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The compact size of the NBC insert with three-side glazing combines its unique aesthetics and exceptional usability. In addition to the visual qualities, the device guarantees efficient heating of rooms and the ecological burning of wood. Thanks to the use of modern materials and innovative technical solutions, it is characterized by very good technical parameters. One of its many advantages is the possibility of connecting the air intake from the outside. The glass glazing of the insert provides its elegance. What is more, it has a parental lock that protects you from unauthorized door opening.



The insert is safe to use because it has the so-called parental lock, to protect against unauthorized door opening.

The front of the insert is equipped with ceramics resistant to temperatures of up to 660°C. The glass provided is certified for quality and safety.

The body and front of the insert are resistant to high temperatures thanks to high-grade steel.

The door frame is made of a closed profile, which makes it stable and resistant to stresses when the insert operates at high temperatures. The excellent seal tightness is ensured by robust welds made in the noble gas welding technology. The steel elements are cut with laser cutters and then bent on CNC bending machines.



The unit meets the requirements of Ecodesign standards and the restrictions of the BImSchV 2 standard, which determines the maximum CO emission.



The NBC insert draws attention with its modern design and aesthetics of finish. Its harmonic vision of the fire delights, providing the interior’s unique style. Heat radiates not only to the front, but also to the sides.

The fireplace is equipped with a single, decorative glass, which makes it look elegant and modern. Using this solution optically enlarges the front of the insert and highlights the vision of the fire.

The door of the insert has a convenient railing that makes it easy to open the door up.



The door of the insert works in the lift up system – the glass is lifted up. This system is created basing on a counterweight – steel strand blocks operate on four rollers (2 per side) which make the weight of the door evenly distributed. They move along, mounted in the frame, sliding guides, which guarantees their light, quiet and failure-free operation. Thanks to the raised and lowered doors, a large amount of wood can be loaded at one time. The additional mechanism allowing double-sided opening of the panes facilitates cleaning.

The device is additionally equipped with a system of clear glass – thanks to the so-called air curtain, the air is distributed uniformly, it sweeps the glass and limits the soot to a minimum. You can keep the glass look clean and well for a long time.

A specially profiled bottom plate made of TERMOTEC is used in the fireplace, which makes the combustion chamber deeper and housing more wood, and the logs do not hit the glass.

Keeping the insert clean is easier with a fitted grate and a container to keep ash.



Effective combustion and longer temperature retention are achieved due to the lining of the combustion chamber with TERMOTEC, a heat-curing material that increases the temperature in the furnace. What is more, its smooth, white surface is visually exquisite inside the fireplace.

The combustion of fuel particles is effected by a deflector which extends the exhaust path and the secondary air system. This process also raises the efficiency of combustion and guarantees a better use of energy and thus minimizes the emission of harmful substances to the atmosphere.

The device has a triple combustion chamber aeration system, therefore wood burning in the insert is ecological and, most importantly, economical.

Delivering primary air to the insert is done from the outside thanks to the built-in air inlet fitting fi 125 mm. The air intake is located in the floor of the insert. Its adjustment is done with a built-in throttle adjustable by one regulator below the door, which eliminates errors in misuse. The whole mechanism is quiet and failure-free.



The NBC conforms to the Ecodesign standard and the strict BImSchV 2 standard concerning the maximum CO emission.

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