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Features The TITAN freestanding stove is a modern device that meets the strictest environmental standards. It is an ideal response to current architectural trends. Excellent proportions combined with a unique vision of the fire make TITAN fit perfectly into any interior. AROUSES ADMIRATION TITAN has been designed especially for the most demanding. The stove attracts attention with its originality and purity of form, and the beautiful vision of the fire visible from rounded glass will delight everyone. Comfortable, ventilated and at the same time elegant handle enables safe use. The modern style is further emphasized by the Glass type glass. EFFECTIVE HEATING A number of innovative solutions used in the TITAN furnace make it possible to heat the interior of our device to ensure maximum use of energy. The power of the device allows you to effectively heat up an area of up to 110 m2. When burning dry deciduous wood, you also save money. Independent research clearly indicates wood as one of the cheapest sources of heating. IN HARMONY WITH NATURE We’re all about ecology! By buying our stove and using the correct methods of burning dry wood of deciduous trees you care about the environment. You do not contribute to the formation of smog. All this is due to the fact that our device meets the strictest ecological criteria, with Ecodesign and the German BImSchV 2 standard. The excellent tightness of the stove also makes it suitable for use in houses with recuperation. 5 YEARS OF WARRANTY… and you don’t worry about anything! We are confident in the quality of our equipment. That is why we offer you a 5-year warranty on the TITAN stove. By betting on our product you ensure peace of mind, trouble-free use and satisfaction with the purchase.

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